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To be read in a Morgan Freeman style voiceover:


Summer of 2005, New York. The smell of decomposed trash and the darkness of the street told me correctly that I was in Chinatown, the place where my friendship with Matt Scullin began. Well it really began a little earlier in Philadelphia. But it´s more romantic to say it started in Chinatown.


At the time my English was good and I had a very large vocabulary. Some 10 words combined to make about 3 phrases, among which “fuck off” was the most used. So there I was in front of Matt, with my suitcase, a smile and few words. I can´t quite remember the conversation we had while we walked to his house… but it would´ve gone something like this:


M- So what’s up Cherry, How was Washington?

X- It’s xevi and it was good.

M- Oh! sorry shevy

X- Close, Xevi

M- Got it, like Chevy Chase?

X-kind of… 

M- ha ha ha what about xevster?

X- better. Call me xevster.


(The conversation is made up, I can´t remember what happened yesterday, let aone three years ago. But it is true that Matt was the first person to cal me Xevster.)


All in all, I spent a week in the house of my friend, discovering a city that has more stories than history, a city that left me speechless from minute zero, partly because of the effect of the anaesthetic gas of Chinatown.


In the next chapter… xevster and eyesores.


Until then, send eyesores.