Hey Eyesore Friends!

Today the first eyesore creation contest came to an end. I must tell you all that I was very pleasantly surprised by the skill and originality of the entries! I’d like to thank all of you that participated; each eyesore that was added made every day of the last two weeks better and better.

You are the best! It’s a shame that I can only give prizes to the top three contestants, because I would have liked to award everyone! : )

But anyway, the lucky winners of the contest are:

#1. IsacSalcedo for PUKESORE
#2. Eyesorefan for Gangsores
#3. Pokupine for Donut?

Within a few days the Amuso people will be getting in touch with you.

In regard to votes, the truth is that the system needs a few improvements. The folks at Amuso (who are very good people) have told me that they are very happy with the feedback they’ve received, and they’ve me invited to create another eyesore challenge with the new voting system as well as improved prizes. How does that sound to you guys? Do you like the idea?

Again, thank you so much for your participation and creativity, and we’ll see you at the next challenge!

King of the Eyesores



Eyesores & Oxfam

Hi Eyesore Friends!

About two months ago, the people at Oxfam got in touch with me to ask if I’d be interested in making a non-profit eyesore to promote OXFAM. I immediately said yes and told them that I would love to make an eyesore to help their cause. So, two months later, I am very happy to tell you that, starting today, the new OXFAM eyesore has been released in collaboration with this NGO.
This eyesore in particular serves as a new way to increase our awareness little by little about the problems that exist today, and I invite you to help bring us all together by joining the Facebook OXFAM group. As you may already know, it’s free!!! : )


The initiative is really innovative and we, as well as the Oxfam team, are very happy with the results so far. I hope you all like the OXFAM eyesore and can send it to all of your friends. In order to make it easier to find the eyesore, we’ve added a new category called “Help the World“, where I hope to add many more eyesores in the near future to help all the causes that we can.

An Eyesore farewell to all!!!
Yours truly,
The King of the Eyesores

To be read in a Morgan Freeman style voiceover:


Summer of 2005, New York. The smell of decomposed trash and the darkness of the street told me correctly that I was in Chinatown, the place where my friendship with Matt Scullin began. Well it really began a little earlier in Philadelphia. But it´s more romantic to say it started in Chinatown.


At the time my English was good and I had a very large vocabulary. Some 10 words combined to make about 3 phrases, among which “fuck off” was the most used. So there I was in front of Matt, with my suitcase, a smile and few words. I can´t quite remember the conversation we had while we walked to his house… but it would´ve gone something like this:


M- So what’s up Cherry, How was Washington?

X- It’s xevi and it was good.

M- Oh! sorry shevy

X- Close, Xevi

M- Got it, like Chevy Chase?

X-kind of… 

M- ha ha ha what about xevster?

X- better. Call me xevster.


(The conversation is made up, I can´t remember what happened yesterday, let aone three years ago. But it is true that Matt was the first person to cal me Xevster.)


All in all, I spent a week in the house of my friend, discovering a city that has more stories than history, a city that left me speechless from minute zero, partly because of the effect of the anaesthetic gas of Chinatown.


In the next chapter… xevster and eyesores.


Until then, send eyesores.