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eyesores butterfly Discover everything related with the eyesores, pictures, videos, talk with the creator… and share the eyesores experiences with your friends. As big the group, as happy the eyesores will be : )

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Who will be
the next president of the Eyesores?
Two eyesores are on the run to be President and control de eyesores world, Obamasore or McCainsore, is up to you.
How the next president will be elected? Next president will be the one who is sent most. Click on SEND, choose your candidate and send it everyday! Stats will be updated daily.

Click here to start voting or check all the Stuff that I created support you candidate.Obama Stuff or the McCain Stuff

Hello eyesores friends!

I’m glad to announce that I’ll be in New York from the 3th of October untill the 13th, doing some interviews and meeting with people to talk about the eyesores project and future. If you wanna have an interview, meeting, drinks… just leave your comment, or contact me through facebook!

I will love to see you all : )

take care!

Hi Eyesores Friends & Fans,

as you most know, Facebook is changing its layout. This change means that some features in Eyesores app must be adapted to work properly.

First thing we have adapted is the way to attach eyesores. With new Facebook layout, wall and mini-feed are integrated, so any eyesore post will be published on wall-mini-feed. To post an Eyesore, just click the Eyesore icon located on top of profiles.

The difference is the view of the message/eyesore posted. With the new wall-mini-feed, you can show stories or messages in 3 ways:

– one line post
– short line post
– full post.

If you post an Eyesore on your own wall-mini-feed, you’ll see a FULL post. In the full post you will see the Eyesore with its real dimensions.

If you post an Eyesore on your friends wall-mini-feed, you’ll see a SHORT line post. It means that you’ll see the image of the Eyesore, but not the real image, it will be smaller. Then, your friend will have the choice to select the format of the post: FULL or SHORT. You can choose the format in the top right corner of the post (an edit icon will appear on mouse over there).

NOTE: clickable Eyesores will only work on FULL posts.

We know that maybe is not the easiest way to attach Eyesores, but thats Facebook rules.

Thanks everybody, and we hope you post all Eyesores you can!


Hi fans&friends,

we have been no lucky because during our vacations important issues appear due to changes in Facebook layout.

Last 15 days you could send the request but not the eyesore, and nothing was registered on your sent, received lists. That has been fixed.

Note: you can still notice the problem in eyesores sent and not accepted between 13th August – 27th August.

We are sorry for all that. We have not been lucky because we couldn’t give a quick response, so we got some bad reviews. We will work hard to gain the confidence again. 

Thanks all for your patience!!

Enjoy Eyesores!

hello eyesores friends,

After a short vacation, I realise that we had a lot of problems in our application, guess is all related with the new profile and some other changes that Facebook is doing daily. Anyway,  we got some bad reviews that we will look forward to improve. I promise that we will do our best.

Also I’m glad to announce that we are thinking and we will try to come up with more and new eyesore stuff. More creative and fun : )

Hugs to everybody and thanks for using eyesores.

Hello eyesores friends!

I’m glad to announce the eyesores scandinavian tour, it will be this Summer ( 31 Th. July, until 13 Th. August ) the eyesores are traveling around the North of Europe:
• Copenhagen from 31 to 4th, just visiting
• Bergen from 4 Th. to 6Th. I wanna visit the fjords, any help?
• Oslo from 6 Th to 9 Th. I will enjoy the Oya festival
• Gothenburg from 9Th. to 10Th. mmmm no idea yet
• Stockholm 10th to 13th just visiting
Do you have any suggestions? Can you be a good guide? help ? Write me a comment … Many Thanks!
Ps. I will be happy to draw eyesores for help : )