Hi Eyesores Friends & Fans,

as you most know, Facebook is changing its layout. This change means that some features in Eyesores app must be adapted to work properly.

First thing we have adapted is the way to attach eyesores. With new Facebook layout, wall and mini-feed are integrated, so any eyesore post will be published on wall-mini-feed. To post an Eyesore, just click the Eyesore icon located on top of profiles.

The difference is the view of the message/eyesore posted. With the new wall-mini-feed, you can show stories or messages in 3 ways:

– one line post
– short line post
– full post.

If you post an Eyesore on your own wall-mini-feed, you’ll see a FULL post. In the full post you will see the Eyesore with its real dimensions.

If you post an Eyesore on your friends wall-mini-feed, you’ll see a SHORT line post. It means that you’ll see the image of the Eyesore, but not the real image, it will be smaller. Then, your friend will have the choice to select the format of the post: FULL or SHORT. You can choose the format in the top right corner of the post (an edit icon will appear on mouse over there).

NOTE: clickable Eyesores will only work on FULL posts.

We know that maybe is not the easiest way to attach Eyesores, but thats Facebook rules.

Thanks everybody, and we hope you post all Eyesores you can!